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Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation Laws

Here are some frequently asked questions about North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Laws. The information is provided by the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) -

What happens if my employer does not acknowledge my claim?

If liability for a compensation claim is denied, the NC Industrial Commission, you and your attorney (if you have one) and all known health care providers will be promptly informed of the reason for denial.

Who directs and provides my medical treatment?

Your employer or your employer’s insurance company, subject to any NCIC orders, will direct and provide medical treatment. The NCIC may permit you to change doctors, or approve a doctor of your choice, if you give good reason for this. However, payment by your employer or the insurance company is not guaranteed unless permission (in writing) is obtained from your employer, the insurance company or the NCIC before treatment is administered.

What happens if I need chiropractic care?

If your employer gives you permission to obtain treatment from a chiropractic doctor, you are entitled to 20 visits, if required. If more visits are needed, your chiropractor will have to ask your employer for authorization.

How often will I receive compensation payments?

Payments are made every week.

My doctor says I can return to work, but my employer says there is no position for me because my old job is now too physically challenging. What can I do?

Because you have reached the required level of medical improvement following your injury, you may be referred to the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for counseling, guidance and reemployment.

(Articles on this blog are provided for informational purposes only. Use of this blog does not provide or replace individualized legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice, please speak with one of our attorneys, who can offer legal advice specific to your circumstances.)

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